Everyone is difficult and always mad I don’t understand why people can’t just let silly stuff go.

Saturday Sep 9 @ 03:00pm
Today I am from the 70’s~

Today I am from the 70’s~

Friday Sep 9 @ 06:45pm
New bog body discovered in Meath



A new, partially intact bog body has been discovered by Bord na Mona workers in Co Meath.

Archaeologists from the National Museum of Ireland (NMI) have confirmed that it is working on a find of human remains in a bog near the border with Co Westmeath, although the exact site has not yet been named.

Archaeologist Maeve Sikora told the Irish Examiner that workers from Bord na Mona came across the remains.

“Archaeologists and conservators from The National Museum of Ireland have been on site investigating the findspot of archaeological human remains in a bog in Co. Meath, near the border with Co. Westmeath,” Ms Sikora said. Read more.

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 09:17pm


Heads up to people in bioanth, osteology, or any other field where learning all the finicky parts of the human skeleton comes in handy. There’s an awesome (and FREE) app called Essential Skeleton 4 that not only lets you look at everything from a variety of angles, but also quizzes you on them.

In no time you’ll be able to confidently point out the “pisiform articular surface of the right triquetral carpal”. Totally a fun ice breaker at parties. Also an easy way to not fail human skeletal biology this semester.

Sunday Sep 9 @ 10:25pm

I like a human and it sucks

Sunday Sep 9 @ 02:01pm
I need

I need

Saturday Sep 9 @ 02:30am
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Behold, some brand new Mac DeMarco for yo ass

Saturday Sep 9 @ 02:21am
Saturday Sep 9 @ 02:04am

Okay Kit Harington better be in my bed when I get back home or I’m not going to be impressed.

Friday Sep 9 @ 04:01pm

Yayayay the Hi- Point peat project thing has finally started at L’anse Aux Meadows!!!! Basically Hi- Point was asked if they could make peat blocks because the old structures were falling apart and they wanted to stay true to the original ones and keep using peat. We’ve been making the blocks for probably over a year now and I’m so excited to finally see them in use. So glad the company is taking part in something I really really care about. I just wish I could be there to help.

(Hi- Point is our family company. We harvest peat moss for soil and also use it to absorb oil when there’s big or small oil spills)

Friday Sep 9 @ 03:56pm

Mary is the cutest fucking cat in the world I wish she was mine.

Friday Sep 9 @ 12:08am
Life Hack #842049

Instead of having a crush on a living human, punch yourself right in the fucking face for the same effect

Seriously though this is me right now. I hate it when I even find someone attractive because I just get so self conscious and just hate myself and everything ugh

Wednesday Sep 9 @ 09:51pm
Tuesday Sep 9 @ 10:19pm
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Yeah, when you touch my hand and talk sweet talk
I got a knockin’ in my knees, and a wobblin’ in my walk
And I’m tremblin’
That’s right, you got me shakin’

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 10:18pm

I’m so happy with school right now this is so strange

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 09:44pm
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